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Scalable Fish Farm Containers

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Locally produced resilient, high quality premium fish. “BREED and EAT” a vareity of home grown fresh water fish.

Scalable and Land based high-performance fish farms. IOT based Fish production monitoring systems to ensure the best quality of fish produced. We provide the seeding for the fish as well as the forage!

We assist you with all the necessary steps starting from consultation, selecting the right container size, choosing the sort of fish to grow, setting up the product, supplying seedings as well as premium solid forage for the fish. In addition, we provide you the necessary support to ensure you meet the consumer needs scale and grow.

Product Features

State-of-the art technology and features


Small-scale Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, that could be operated with economic and ecological benefits. This system was designed to support the rising demand for fish and to equate the demand for aquaculture systems.


We get the data from the various sensors used in the container to get actionable insights and do predictive maintenance. This can effectively help in fixing any issues as soon as any performance drop is noticed.


We use blockchain to provide traceability and transparency to end-consumers about the authenticity of our product.


Use containers to slowly grow your business. We can easily scale up to meet large consumer demands with bigger containers going up to 70 tons of fish producing capabilities each year.


We can help you reach your goals with premium products and support. Please read our white papers and case studies to know more.

Help & Support

Our team of experts are available 24/7 to care for your needs. This includes maintenance, replenishing of stocks, operational support, etc.

Let’s make Healthy Fish Farms, Together.

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